On behalf of our students and ourselves!


Every morning as I drive to school, I pray pretty specific prayers for my students and me.  I guess you could call them bull’s-eye prayers…prayers that remind me of my mission for the day, and prayers that if not targeted, my mission might fail or be deemed less effective at best.

[Bull’s-eye → the small circle at the center of a target toward which people throw darts or shoot arrows or bullets. : a shot that hits the center of a target.]

There are two words (acroymyms) I use to remind me what’s important (for me) to pray for my students…

The first one is SHOW.  Although this part of my prayer is primarily for me, it’s for my students’ benefit, so I guess you could say it’s targeted on us both.  Specifically, I pray, “God help me SHOW my students You by…

  • Serving them

  • Giving them Hope

  • Being Optimistic

  • Winning them by my Witness”

The second one is SHAPE.  Here, I’m targeting their whole being by asking God to SHAPE them.  SHAPE stands for…

  • Save them!

  • Give them good Health!

  • Let them have an Awareness of You!

  • Let them know Your Purpose for their lives!

  • Lord, let them live an Excellent life!

(By the way, I pray this for my children as well!)

We, as Christian teachers, can change the world when we pray for our students.  Amen?  I know that I know you are asking, seeking, and knocking on heaven’s door for your students just like me!  I would love to hear from you as to how you’re praying for them.  Please leave a comment and share.

Targeting our prayer arrows on students positions them to hit the the bull’s-eye in life, and that’s the life God has in store for them! 

Until next time, God bless you in your classroom this week.  Stay devoted, dear Christian teacher!

#TargetedPrayers  #BullsEyePraying  #KeepAsking  #KeepSeeking  #KeepKnocking



2 thoughts on “Bull’s-Eye!

  1. I love these acronyms and the bull’s eye prayer. I’ve never heard of any of this. I pray quick prayers for my own children all the time…keep them safe and healthy, put a ring of protection around our home. I use to pray for my students each and everyone of them while they were taking state tests. I also prayed before the state tests. I also prayed very specifically about them when I knew something was going on at home or they were struggling with something. I also pray for me too…help me, guide me through parenting and teaching. Your students are blessed to have you. Thanks for all you do as a teacher. Merry Christmas!


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