Fan the Flame!




It takes a lot of energy to keep a fire flaming, doesn’t it?…that is, the energy needed for the fire itself (oxygen, coal, wood, etc.) and the person who’s tending to it.

I liken keeping the flame blazing for the Christian teacher to a fire dance…




…only our fervency (dancing) should be focused on the LORD.  He is the pillar of fire in the center energizing us. Amen?!

Sometimes we forget the work we must do to fan into flame the gift of God in our lives as teachers. For me personally, I fan my flame by listening to the Word every morning via my YouVersion Bible app while getting ready for work.  Prior to that, though, I make sure to pray before I sluggishly attempt to rise and shine each morning.

Also, I love to exercise on the elliptical in the extra bedroom while watching Beth Moore or TD Jakes on the big screen tv.  I have to say, TD Jakes energizes me to go just a little bit faster and exercise a little bit longer than I plan on most occasions. 🙂  I’m telling you, he can make a dead person come back to life, which is usually me in the morning!

The bottom line is this:  Your fire dance may be different than mine, but the point is TO DANCE everyday!!

Next week, I’m going to pull in how our five senses help in our endeavor to fan into flame the gift of God in us.  See you then, my fellow Christian teachers!  God bless you, and stay devoted!

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