The Teacher’s Tongue

Students have a story to tell… about teachers.

Teachers have a story to tell… about students.

Which one matters most?

Since I have begun teaching GED classes at the local college, I’ve been actively building new relationships with my adult students.  It’s been quite an eye opening experience.  Such sad stories.  Maddening stories actually.  Stories about teachers who fumbled the ball in the red zone, and their students simply couldn’t recover.

Now, I’m no push over.  I know there are a plethora of reasons why students choose to drop out.  But, having said that, I never want to be the player on my student’s team who causes them to lose the game because I got in the stinking way!   I know none of us do.  After all, when we play well together, we both win. Amen?  Can you tell I’m watching football right now? 🙂

As I listen to students’ stories, the greatest common factor (shout out to math teachers) as to why they dropped out is the teacher’s tongue.  Their win or loss is in the power of our tongue. Gasp! That’s huge and kinda scary too.  Rash words can be like daggers, even sometimes when we don’t think they are…

                                               Perhaps the best advice then is to…I understand it sometimes can be like walking a tight rope.  After all, we have to correct poor student behavior.  There are more than just a few middle school rascals who have tested my patience over the years.  Can anybody identify with me?  When a student gets on our last nerve, steadfast prayer for the patience of Job and wisdom of Solomon can keep us from sustaining a sack like the proverbial quarterback.    

Remember Proverbs 12:16 when a student tenuously tests your wherewithal:

The bottom line is this:  a student’s story matters most!  Not ours.  The story they tell about us in adulthood will tell the tale of how they won or lost in our classroom, and therefore, maybe ultimately in life. That, dear teachers, could depend on how well we controlled our tongue.  So let’s be wise to tame our tongues, and push them on to victory!  AMEN!  

Insert STUDENT’S for man’s!

God bless you in your classrooms this week.  Be mindful!  You will be remembered on down the line.  Stay devoted(!), and students will look back and be thankful you taught them. 🙂  See you back here next week on the blog.




3 thoughts on “The Teacher’s Tongue

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It came at a good time for me! I’ve been teaching for 41 years and absolutely love it…but the last two years have been stressful and for the first time in my career (ministry) I’m starting to struggle in this area. I’m printing out the meme at the top of your post and keeping it on my desk as a reminder. Your posts are AWESOME, thanks so much for the encouragement!

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