W O N D E R Teachers, Omega, & The End Game

As we continue our character study of WONDER teachers, today we land on the letter O.

Omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet, symbolizes endings and literally means great O. How fitting, because God is the end of all things and His name is greater than any other name named in heaven and on Earth.  Since our goal is to put Omega into context for the classroom, I will present some essential questions (ever hear of those fellow teachers?!) for us to mull over…

What is God’s end-game, dear teachers?  What is our end-game?  Should not they be one in the same?

As I have purposely pondered God’s name Omega, I keep coming back to this same question, “What is God’s end-game?”  Ultimately, God has a divine plan and purpose for mankind, but for today’s post let’s call it teacher-kind.

Everything we do in the classroom should be predicated with this question in mind, or, I submit to you, it will be a waste for kingdom purposes.

So let’s get down to the bottom line, shall we?

In teacher-kind, God’s end-game is for us to acquaint as many students as possible to Christ, whether directly or indirectly, knowing when we do our part, He will do His.  You may be asking, but how? Please keep reading for a few suggestions.

First of all, I always ask God everyday to help me be His witness by bringing anything and everything that’s said or taught during the day back around to Him if at all possible.  For example, anytime I hear a student discussing their church, youth group, or Christian club activities, I take full advantage of that conversation, whether individually or in front of the class depending on where and when it’s said!

Also, I will give examples of whatever I’m teaching with a Biblical reference if possible. Today, in one of my classes, I was teaching the word allusion.  The example I gave was one of a character in a story being swallowed up in a dust storm like Jonah.  Jonah was swallowed by a big fish, so there’s the allusion!  Opportunities abound.  We just have to be ready on purpose, dear Christian teacher!

What happens as we purposefully take advantage of these opportunities a lot of the time?  Bingo!  A discussion does! 🙂

Still another great idea is to volunteer to sponsor a Christian club in your school.  Talk about a golden opportunity!… It offers a legitimate avenue to blanket your school for Christ.  We must use our imagination as well as pounce on these opportunities as they come our way. We are in this for the purpose of leading our students to Christ. Therefore, we must take advantage of each moment when it rears it’s beautiful head.

Yes, we need to be all about our non-verbal communication and underlying values in our day to day demeanor as we imitate Christ, BUT we must also be consciously watching, listening, and waiting as we remember the end-game – acquainting our students to Christ – includes much more!

Prayerfully, we can accomplish our goal in a way that doesn’t get us into trouble with our secular school systems.  But, if it does, He will take care of us.  That’s His job… a job He is very good at, I might add!

Honestly, I stand amazed that our God has, on purpose, placed us in the great mission field of the classroom. Aren’t you?  What a privilege to know we are part of His end-game!  It gives us a purpose and passion like none other.  Amen?!  He is the Alpha and OMEGA.  Keep looking up, teacher-kind, our ending is going to be like none other!

The letter N is up next time.  Until then, be a WONDER teacher! God bless, and stay devoted.

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