From Him, For Him

Welcome back to another school year, dear teachers!  

As sure as the sun comes up, school begins again.  Amen?  As you know, I wasn’t quite sure I would continue the blog as the sun went down on the 2016-17 school year.  But alas, for my sanity, I must continue to write as it’s therapy for my thirsty soul.  I appreciate the responses you shared with me about Devotions for Teachers.  They truly blessed my heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As we start anew, let’s forget about what lies behind.  A new year is a fresh beginning, not only for us, but for our students too.  Whether our 2016-17 was a home run or a strike out, we teachers have the opportunity to make that good year last year an even better year this year, or that bad year last year one we can reflect upon, learn from, and improve.  If this is you, please remember we all have them from time to time.  Get up, dust yourself off, and resolve to press on!

Let me begin by asking a question for us to mediate upon.  If God were to grade our teaching, what grade would we earn?  An A, a B, a C, or an F?


The first portion of today’s title simply states the words From Him, meaning God has given us a gift and we are to use it to serve others well.  I would venture to believe serving well translates to earning an A in God’s gradebook, wouldn’t you?  His is the highest of standards, is it not? Therefore, throughout the year, let’s keep asking ourselves, am I serving my students, administrators, fellow teachers, and parents well?   It’s His plan for us to do so and to the best of our ability.  We can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

The second portion proclaims: For Him.  Yes, we are serving others, not for ourselves or to be seen (lest we think we are something), and it is for them – whomever “them” may be (see list below). Ultimately though, it’s all for Him, in order that He shines through us whereby others may come to know and love Him too.  Simply put, we are God’s hands and feet with our gifts. Christian teachers in any school classroom can make a difference for the kingdom. Amen!

Therefore, I beseech you, both sistren and brothren teachers, to stamp it on the notepads of your minds this year that all that we do is From Him and For Him. It’s all about Him when we…

 pray for our students

 greet our students at the door

 model Christ-like values

 plan our lessons

 teach our lessons

 love our students

 discipline our students

 serve our students

 collaborate with fellow teachers

 meet with parents

 convene with administrators

 encounter criticism

 love our job

 question our calling (It happens!)

…and all with a smile on our face. 🙂  God can do the impossible!

Let’s drive it out of the park for God this year, dear teachers!  I’m praying God rains down His blessings on you until the riverbanks of your soul spill out onto the floodplain of your students and they, in turn, will bless the Lord.  Stay devoted, and I’ll see you back here next week at Devotions for Teachers.

#FromHim  #ForHim  #HomeRunsForJesus


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