Stand Where You Land!


The rain has been pouring down here in Georgia for the past few days.  I’ve even discovered there is a leak in our roof right above the kitchen as a result of all that water crashing down on the shingles like the falls of Niagara.  Nevertheless, it’s the trees surrounding my house that have me rightly concerned.  We sure enough will have quite a bit more than a leak if one of those towering timbers tumble down upon us. Yikes!

That, of course, got me to thinking.  When a tree falls, that’s it.  It’s history. Dead. It’s not gonna decide Hey! I think I’ll just get back up and keep on doing what God put me here to do – providing shade during the hot summer months, beautiful scenery in the fall, food for animals (because I could be a pecan or fruit tree, you pick), and a home for nesting baby blue birds.  No, that’s not gonna happen.

On the other hand, when we fall, we are given time… after time… after time… after time… after time, to get up, dust ourselves off, and start again.  To stand where we land.  We just have to make up our minds to do it.  Hard days and difficult circumstances are universal to every human on the planet.  Amen?

I remember stressing after a particular rambunctious group of 7th graders left my class the other day and thinking, I may be getting too old for this!  How much longer can I hold on?!  I remember in my younger years of teaching, that situation may have really gotten me down about our profession or made me a bit testy with my students. Thankfully, even though as I’ve told you before, I almost quit teaching a few years back, I prayed it through, stood back up (yet again) and stuck with it.

We must stand and finish what God calls us to, because He’s gracious enough to let His children do just that.  

Whether you make a stupid mistake, fear fetters near, or doubts appear, WHEREVER we land, we must choose to STAND.  For our sake.  For our students’ sake.  For the sake of the gospel. We will regret it later if we don’t.

God bless you in your class this week as you stay devoted and stand dear teachers!



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