JuMp StArTiNg 2017 – Part 1

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Another new year is here, teachers dear

Let us pray it is God to whom we draw near

Ok. I just had to take a stab at poetry.  It is the first time (and probably the last) I will do that to you! 🙂

Seriously though, I’m praying we will make the best of this brand new year with which God has gifted us.  After all, time is one thing we can never reclaim. Amen? The question is… how DO we make the best of 2017?  Perhaps looking back at 2016 and asking the question how could I have made it better? would be a good starting point.

You may have experienced a resoundingly successful 2016 both in the classroom and in your personal life.  You may have experienced an unsuccessful 2016 in the classroom, but your personal life was just fine (although one effects the other in a lot of cases).  Or, you may have been like me in that your professional life was A OK, but 2016 presented a myriad of trials and heartaches in your personal life which seemed unending and left you asking God where are You in all this mess?  (And here again, one may effect the other.)

Regardless of the one with which we identify, we all can jump start 2017 by determining in our hearts to treasure each day and make it the best year possible by renewing our minds daily in the word of God.


Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever binged on Netflix?  Binging on Netflix is fast becoming a mind numbing, socially popular trend.  I must confess over the Christmas break I have been a willing participant!  Just think what a transformation would take place in our minds if we binged on the word of God instead.  It could be that you binge on other unproductive pursuits.  Just replace the word Netflix with whatever it is on which you could spend less time pursuing the word of God instead.


In our line of work it is vital that we are totally tuned in to God.  If we are not, we will suffer, and as a result our students will too.  STOP and think about that for a minute please!  It’s a quick read so don’t miss it!  The only way we are going to be tuned in to God is if we read, no binge, on His word.  Now, when I say binge I don’t mean read 10 books, 10 chapters, or even 10 verses a day.  We simply must take what we read and PONDER it.  Mull it over.  Meditate on it throughout the day.  Think on that thing teachers!

When things go wrong, think on the word.

When things are going great, think on the word.

When things are out of control, think on the word.

When it looks impossible, think on the word.

When times are tough, think on the word.

When you think you aren’t going to make it, think on the word.

When THAT student gets on your LAST nerve, think on the word!!!!

I believe, with every fiber of my being, God’s word brought me through 2016, but I could have, and should have, binged on it more.

We will continue with Jump Starting 2017 next week.  Until then, stay devoted by staying in the word of God.  We will all be more excellent teachers by doing so.  God bless you in your classroom this week!




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