The 5 Characteristics of a Christian Teacher (Finale!)


Pointing our students to Christ – it’s where we began and will end this series.  It’s what Christian teachers are conscious of day in and day out.  It’s our mission, our purpose, our passion, and our commitment.  If we all could have a common mission statement, I believe Pointing Our Students To Christ would be universally agreed upon.  

Indeed, characteristics 1-4 drive us to do just that…

  • Step 1 –  PASSION

  • Step 2 –  BEARING FRUIT


  • Step 4 –  WITNESSING

Finally, we come to characteristic #5!  And that is… always endeavoring to IMPROVE our craft.  Christian teachers should be the best teachers in the profession.  Amen?  Of course, years of experience help us become better teachers, but we are by no means perfect.  We can always improve and need to be mindful of that fact.


So how can we improve?  By looking to Jesus of course!  Jesus is our mentor and example of the perfect teacher. Who Was The Best Teacher, EVER?  is a blog post I wrote on this very subject.  If we can be just a smidgen of the teacher Jesus exemplified, then we will be just fine, and of course we will be pointing our students to Christ as a result.  Please click on the above link to access the post.

Of course, these are not all of the characteristics our students witness as we endeavor to point them to Christ, but it would be the 5 that would be the most recognizable to anyone who entered our classroom and saw us in action.  Jesus, for certain, is watching and surely smiles at what He sees. 🙂

God bless you, dear Christian teachers.  Until next week, stay devoted by pointing students to Christ.




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