What Does Being A Christian Teacher Look Like? (The 5 Characteristics Of A Christian Teacher)


If a stranger came into our classroom, would they leave knowing we are a Christian teacher? Better yet, do our students come and go each day knowing, without a doubt, we are a Christian? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I guess the real question is this:  Are we pointing our students to Christ?  If we indeed are, then I believe these are the characteristics they witness in us…

                                       1 –   We are PASSIONATE about what we do.  


Please click on this link, https://devotionsforteachers.org/2015/10/14/fan-the-flame/, for more on this topic!

                                                   2 –  We are BEARING FRUIT


Please click on this link, https://devotionsforteachers.org/2016/02/14/no-fill-no-will-no-will-no-fill/, for more information on this topic as well!

Next week, we will continue with the next characteristic(s).  Until then, stay devoted and may God bless you richly in your classrooms this week as you point your students to Christ!


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