How Are You Doing? Pt. 2 (Pray Teacher Pray!)


True or False:  How we are doing is directly dependent upon how much we are praying. Answer: True True True!  Therefore, we need to be honest and ask ourselves: Are we in prayer overdrive or prayer under-drive?  Remember, if we are in a fiery trial, and we don’t handle it according to scripture, we may be able to teach but ministering as we teach can come to a screeching halt.  We simply must minister. Period.  At all costs.  This is where praying heaven down comes into play.

Furthermore, as teachers, we’re always telling, or demanding :),  our students to listen and do as they are told knowing that if they do, things will go better for them.  How about we take our own advice and follow through when God tells us what to do fellow Christian teachers?! I’m thinking we will receive the same results.

Last week, while discussing how we are doing, our main points to follow through on were:

  • To remember God is with us always and never leaves nor forsakes us (Joshua chapter 1)

  • To be strong and courageous (Joshua chapter 1)

  •  To James 4:8 our trials and draw near to God

The next point, pray teachers pray, logically flows from drawing near to God, but can’t be overstated whatsoever. Radical, faith filled (believing), drawing near to the throne, prayers PRAYED OUT LOUD, are atomic bombs in the spiritual realm (see Psalm 18). Don’t forget that, ever!

Yesterday, on our way home from church, my hubby, Keith, put in a CD and played a song that I hadn’t heard in a long time.  It’s an upbeat song by Brian Free and Assurance.  Talk about a much needed lift to my spirit!  I used to sing this song and would substitute my name in for Daniel’s.  You might want to do that too, dear teachers!  Here are some of the lyrics:

Once there was a king that thought he got it right
Daniel wouldn’t last until the morning light
They led him to the dungeon and they threw him in
He was on his way to supper and the meal was him
But God knew how to change their dinner plans
Never throw a hungry lion in the den with a praying man!

So pray Daniel Pray!
That’s the way you make through
Come on pray Daniel pray!
Don’t you let the devil get the best of you
Your troubles aren’t as bad as you thought they were
You can tame a lion, let your prayers be heard
Your faith is going to have them eating right out of your hands
Never throw a hungry lion in a den with a praying man!

When you hear their stomachs growling do what Daniel did
Call up to your Father like a little kid
Tell Him that they are big and you just heard them roar
Then get up and use your faith to block the door
When the fur starts flying they will understand
Never throw a hungry lion in the den with a prayin’ man!

Better yet, click here to watch and listen.  You will be glad you did!  If you’re like me, you need all the help you can get.  Amen?

When we pray, God just keeps giving and giving nuggets to get us through.  For instance, not only did He give me that song, but I just finished watching Beth Moore’s series, The Basket Case, which is a game changer for sure.  There are too many nuggets in it to count, but one thing she said that stuck with me was we are only as powerful as our prayers.  Well, ain’t that the truth brother and sister teachers!  That will preach!

One final thought on prayer is casting your care.  Are we casting our cares at the feet of Jesus?   If not, it’s another step on which we must follow through.

 images (22)

When our ship is about to sink, we must cast, cast, and keep casting – that is, rid ourselves of the weight(s) that are about to pull us under, because God doesn’t want us to drown.  Be an active caster.  God can and will handle it.  He has all power and is well able to take care of our cares.  Praise His name!

My prayer is that we will listen to and obey His word to us:  PRAY TEACHERS PRAY, and CAST YOUR CARE!  When we do, we will have peace that passes all understanding.

God bless you in your classrooms this week as you teach and minister effectively to your students.  Stay devoted.

#Pray #Pray #PrayAgain

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