Sow To The Spirit

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Asking questions primes the pump of better understanding.  So here is one for you to pour water into:  Are you sowing to the Spirit or are you sowing to the flesh?  

I heard this question asked about a week ago, and it’s been stuck in my head like a fly stuck to flypaper ever since.  I mean sowing/reaping, cause/effect, action/reaction – all are similar, but do we actually take the time to think things through before we do them? The big things, the small things – they ALL matter – whether we realize it or not.

Well, when a thought makes its home in your brain for a week, and you’ve chewed and chewed on it, then your behavior starts a changin’!  I’ve heard about sowing and reaping for most of my life, but sowing to the Spirit vs. sowing to the flesh not so much.  Most of my decisions in the past week have been preceded by the question am I sowing to Spirit or to the flesh in this situation?  I’ve even had to go back and make some changes, because I knew I had sown to the flesh instead of the Spirit.

Can you imagine what our schools would be like if every teacher put this verse into action?  You can bet if we applied this scripture to all that we deal with on a daily basis – from students, to parents, to meetings with administration and colleagues and everything in between – it would make a world of difference!  Amen?

Why?  Because the next verse tells us…

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…not to mention sowing to the Spirit is what God would have us do, AND it might just Save Our Witness.  (Now that’s pretty important my fellow Christian teachers, therefore, be careful what you sow!)

My challenge for us this week is to constantly and consciously ask ourselves if we are sowing to the Spirit or sowing to the flesh as we go about our school day.  Make a mental note of how you find yourself doing things differently as a result.  Better yet, right it down or leave me a comment.  I would love to hear back from you! 🙂

God bless you in your classrooms this week, dear teachers!  Until next week, stay devoted.


5 thoughts on “Sow To The Spirit

  1. Hello Donna, it’s the second day for work here and I’ll do as you said. Sowing to the Spirit and not the flesh. Thanks for sharing this with us. Our classrooms needs this and it started from me and you, the teachers. God bless you.

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