Preach Teach!

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A parent sending an unwarranted e-mail, an administrator who’s a benefactor of burdens, a state department of education that overwhelms with nonsensical mandates – sometimes we must become the preacher to the teacher – preaching to ourselves, that is, in order to keep on keeping on my fellow teachers.

Kind of like this…

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Amen?!  Of course, the list is much more extensive, but you get the point I’m sure.  If we don’t learn to preach to ourselves, our teaching careers might not last too long!

I heard an excellent message the other day preached by Jentzen Franklin on this very subject and thought it would be an excellent one to pass on to my fellow Christian teachers. I practice what I post, so please know I have been preaching to myself, and it’s been a big help for sure. When you have time, please click on this link, and listen to the full sermon.  (You will be glad you did!)  Briefly, here are the main 3 points:

  • Preach to yourself, Jesus is with me! When we are overwhelmed, as was David when he was running from King Saul, remember Jesus is always with us.Hebrews13.5

  • Preach to yourself, God is at the bottom.  He’s not just on the mountaintop. When we are at the bottom, the rock bottom, the worst place we could be, He is there to help us and pick us (3)

  • Preach to yourself, God has given me the measure of faith.  When you think you don’t have any faith left, the word states you do. Believe God!  download

Our thought life must not go unchecked.  When the enemy of our souls is whispering in our ear – throw in the towel, it’s too hard, you are crazy, you are an idiot – brother and sister teachers we must preach to ourselves!  Jesus is with me, God is at the bottom, and He has given me the measure of faith I need for this situation.  It’s your soul.  Guard it. Defend it.  Now that will preach!

God bless you in your classrooms this week dear teachers.  Until next week, stay devoted!

#PreachToYourself  #PreachTeach



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