Where You Are

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Welcome back to another grand and glorious school year serving God and serving students dear Christian teachers!

As we embark on this adventure together, I want to remind and encourage you to remember where you are

According to the scripture above, we are where we are because God has put us specifically there!  Think about that for just a minute or two and fill in the blanks…

  • God has me, ________ _________, teaching at ________ _______ School for the 2016-17 school year.

  • God has me teaching _____ grade and the following subjects: _______, _______.

  • This means that I will be teaching (# of) students each day.

  • Therefore, I have the opportunity to not only minister to _____ students, but perhaps to ( # of ) parents as well this year.

  • I also work with (approximately how many) teachers whom I can minister to as a bonus. 🙂

Now, reread the scripture verses above!  We must not blindly begin teaching this year forgetting that God has placed us where we are to reach students and families on His behalf.  That’s our goal for our corner of the world.  It’s an all hands on deck mission for our neck of the woods.

This is our time. This is our place. This is our mission.

Seek God where you are.  Serve God where you are.

That is God’s will for you and for me.

God bless you this year my fellow teachers!  I look forward to serving you here each week at Devotions for Teachers.  May we love and encourage one another together and be used by God to reach a generation for Christ is my prayer.

Until next week, stay devoted!

#WhereYouAreIsImportant  #SeekGod  #ServeGod  #Acts17:26-27

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