(Note:  Today’s post will be the last one of the 2015-16 school year.  God bless you teachers and have a wonderful summer break!  Lord willing, Devotions for Teachers will resume August 14.)

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How can I shake up my world for Jesus?!  What can I do for God that will make a difference, both now and eternally, in our communities and our schools for Him? These are questions we, as Christians, ought to ask ourselves periodically lest we become stagnant as we travel down our pilgrim roads.

So I have an ah-mazing answer/suggestion to put out there for you to ponder and pray fervently about, asking the Lord if this is something He would have you put into motion…

This week in the West Georgia area where I live, area churches sponsored a GO TELL crusade.  The following is taken directly from GO TELL’s website at http://www.gotellministries.com/ministries/crusades:

GO TELL’s crusade ministry unites churches in a community who pool their resources to prepare the way for evangelistic crusades to be held in football stadiums, civic centers, and coliseums.  The nightly event features video, popular Christian artists, testimonies of hope and inspiration, and a clear Gospel message.

Reaching the lost takes vision, forethought, planning, passion, manpower, and resources that are limited in some communities.  For example, what small town can staff or fund a massive evangelistic event like a Billy Graham Crusade?

GO TELL teams up with local churches to provide leadership, vision, and resources to overcome these obstacles and give pastors and lay leaders the tools they need to win their communities for Christ.

What better way to shake up our communities and schools, turning them upside down, could there be?  I would have never thought about a local crusade until GO TELL came to town.  Seriously. It was just what our neck of the woods needed.  Nearly 600 people invited Christ into their hearts in the course of 4 nights – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Christians were revived, rejuvenated, and reignited as well.  IT WAS AWESOME!  Praise the Lord!

Local newspaper article about the GO TELL Crusade

Local newspaper article about the GO TELL Crusade

Not only that, but the GO TELL team goes into local middle and high schools to share a message about character education which is much needed today, wouldn’t you agree? And they are an energetic bunch to say the least! 🙂  At our school, a magician performed before a member of their staff presented to students, by way of sharing his own story, the importance of saying no to drugs and alcohol.  I’m telling you, you could have heard a pin drop in our gym.  It. Was. Riveting.

I’m now convinced that a local crusade is what communities in every state of our country (or the country from which you are reading today) need in order to bring about a positive change in our culture and our schools.  No doubt about it.   There is no way that our community will ever be the same. Zilch!

Please pray about this my dear fellow teachers!  We can be the catalyst for change.  If we won’t, who will?  If you are like me, I want my students to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  I don’t want to get to heaven and not see them there.  More than anything though, I want them to live the best life possible, and only through knowing Him can that be a possibility.

So GO TELL!  Visit the web address above or search Google for other local crusades. Let us be the difference maker!  God bless you and stay devoted!