Roar Like a Lion!

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Hello fellow Christian teachers from Panama City Beach, Florida, where I am soaking in the rays and the fun of Spring Break 2016! 🙂  I hate to see it end Friday when we head back home to Georgia, but the kiddos need me, and you, on the front lines of the battle in our classrooms every day, don’t they? Amen!

Speaking of soaking and battle lines, tonight I checked out the sequel of the movie God’s Not Dead at the Grand Theater in Pier Park.  Wow! Just Wow!  I pray every Christian teacher in the world (literally) makes tracks to see this movie.  To give you a quick recap without spilling the beans on specifics, the movie’s plot is about, you guessed it, an 11th grade AP History teacher being put on trial by the ACLU for answering her student’s question in class about Jesus.  I mean – HOW? DARE? SHE?

It may sound ludicrous to the world, but we Christians and Christian teachers know better.  At the end of the movie the producers document the cases against Christians which inspired the movie’s story line. So, we best pay attention.  It could be one of us next. That’s why it’s imperative we spread the word inviting as many Christian teachers we know to see it, with the added benefit of inspiring the inner Lion in us, also known as JESUS!  Yep, it certainly made this teacher want to roar like a lion! Kinda like this…


And my fellow teachers, I know without a doubt, it’s THE time of year where our inner lion needs awakening!

One last nugget from the movie I would like to share.  I about fell out when Lee Strobel, author of the best selling book, The Case for Christ, made an appearance as a witness during the trial.  Not. Kidding. If you’ve never read that book, it’s a must read for Christians.  Compelling, riveting, and awe-inspiring at the same time… it’s a fantastic scene to say the least!

Invite your fellow teachers, and let’s finish this year strong, roaring together! GOD’S NOT DEAD! Stay devoted and God bless you!



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