No Fill No Will, No Will No Fill!


Saturday night, after an extremely busy week, the crud I had prayed about and willed off for a week beckoned me to succumb, and succumb I did!  I took some NyQuil and slept through the night and most of the day on Sunday.  Nyquil is potent!  Indeed, I could still feel its effects Monday when I went back to school as I was not my usual self most of the day.  I know my students could tell it too.

So why am sharing this with you, dear Christian teachers?  Well, as I tried to make my way through the day Monday, I kept thinking… You know, if you’re not filled with the Spirit, you just can’t be as effective a teacher as you ought to, or want to be.  I certainly wasn’t bearing the fruit of the Spirit…

images (9)

When you’re filled with anything other than the Holy Spirit of God (especially NyQuil!), teaching becomes fruitless. Period. In other words – No Fill, No Will!  No will to be loving, no will to be joyful, no will to be peaceful, no will to be patient, kind, good, faithful, or gentle with our students, much less to top the day off with self-control. My goal was to just to get through the day and through with the day. That was all I wanted to do!

How sad is that?

We must ask God to fill us every day teachers. Every. Day.  There are other pre-requisites to being filled with the Spirit as well.  After all, we must be willing to receive the filling, or No Will, No Fill!  We have to be willing to do each of the steps that are included in the video blog I’m attaching that I posted a while back on this subject.  Towards the end, I even conduct an experiment for you on the topic. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it, and I pray that we all walk into our classrooms each day, filled and over-flowing with the Spirit of God. We will change the world when we do!

God bless you, stay devoted, and be filled fellow teachers!

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