How to Make 2016 the Best Year Ever! Part 2


Last week, step #1 on our quest in making 2016 the best year ever was presented here on the blog at Devotions for Teachers.  It’s not a magic formula per say, but I like to think of it as God’s formula for success.  As a review, step #1 is to love God. Question:  Who can go wrong loving Him?  Answer:  Nobody!

I now present to you step #2:  Love Others.  

download (9)

I have to say, I love it when Jesus Himself speaks on a subject, and that’s exactly what He does in Matthew 22: 37-39.  So the logical question now arises:  Who is our neighbor? Jesus answers this very same question Himself in Luke 10: 29-37…


Basically, our neighbor is anyone who needs our help to whom we can show mercy. Wow!  We as teachers have plenty of neighbors in our classrooms everyday, don’t we?! 🙂  Goodness, we have more opportunity each and every day to love others than most folks in other professions.  Don’t ever lose sight of that fact, dear Christian teachers. Teaching is a special assignment from God.

I came across this poster recently that I would like to pass on to you.  It gives practical ways to love others.  Let’s put these into practice in both our professional and personal lives and make 2016 the best year ever.


Next week, we will take a look at step #3.  Until then, love God, love others, and stay devoted to God.  You will be a more excellent teacher for it!




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