Dear 1st Period,

Two more weeks until we, with thanks I might add, receive one week off for Thanksgiving break! Hip Hip Hooray! Glory Hallelujah!  Can I get AMEN?!
More often these days than not, we find our friends posting on social media something for which they are thankful for each day of November.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a thankful person, but sometimes the exuberance of 30 days of thanksgiving posts from as many friends as we have on social media can be just a smidgen too much.  So I thought of something a little bit different to do this year, and I thought you might want to join me in participating in your classrooms as well my fellow teachers!…
Beginning next Monday, the week before our Thanksgiving break begins, I am going to write a short letter to each one of my classes telling them what it is about them and their class for which I am thankful.  These days we read a lot about classroom communities.  What better way to foster communities than this?  Furthermore, I think it will not only minister to their spirits but ours as well, don’t you think?
Class blogs are the perfect platform to post these on, but if you don’t have one just write it down (or better yet, make copies for each student) and read it to your class.  You could also use post it notes (see pic above) and invite students to write their notes of thanksgiving too!  That would be the turkey, dressing, and sweet potato souffle all at the same time, which would definitely be something to thank God for, amen?!
This is how I’m going to break it down:
  • Monday – 1st & 2nd periods
  • Tuesday – 3rd & 4th periods
  • Wednesday – 5th & 6th periods
  • Thursday – Y-Club (we aren’t meeting, but I’m posting it on our blog and our Instagram and Twitter accounts)
  • Friday – Open since it’s always hectic before a big break
Now, you may be like me and have a couple of challenging classes that make it difficult to think of anything they do for which to be thankful!  (Lol, but I speak the truth!)  In this case, we are just going to have to dig down deep and think of something.  I’m thinking out loud here, but I’m going to focus on the majority of the students in those classes who are trying to do their best and are behaving, not the few who aren’t.  Even those kids who make our day difficult are teaching us a little something though.  It’s all about perspective, you might say. Right?
I’m praying it will put a smile on their faces.  Mine too! 🙂  Please join our classroom blog, The BMS Career Center, next week and check out our week of thank yous and share with me if you participate. I would love to hear back from you!  Until then, stay devoted to God… you will be a more excellent teacher for it.  God bless!

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