Confession Time

As I talk to other teachers, I’ve learned there are times during the standard 30 year teaching career when one’s passion, for whatever reason, for teaching feels as if it has gone south for the winter. From what I’ve heard, it happens at least 3 times during that 30 year span of time.

Confession Time

That’s precisely where I find myself at the moment – and it’s time #2 for me.  (I’m wondering if the 2nd time is the stage where a lot of educators become administrators!) Since I’ve been teaching a few years, I know that we all just have those days, here and there, when you would rather be doing something else. But. This. Is. Different.

Being careful to hide it, my students haven’t noticed, but I sure have.  I’ve been assured it will pass, but as I keep praying and waiting for God to reignite my passion, it just hasn’t  – yet!  It’s quite the predicament for sure.  It has me worried, anxious, and restless, questioning God and questioning myself.  I am so ready for it to pass, because I firmly believe without passion you just can’t be the teacher God wants you to be.  And frankly, I like the teacher I am when I’m on fire with passion. It gives me purpose.

So guess what I’ve been doing?  In an effort to combat this wave of passionlessness (is that even a word?), I’ve gone back and listened to (yes) myself!  A while back, I posted the vlog I’m reposting today about passion.  In it, I talk about 3 things that will help you stay passionate about your calling to teach.  I’m hoping it helps you if you’re in the same predicament I am.  It’s not fun, but since I know God works everything for good, it will work itself out.  I’ve just got to hang in there, and so do you!

If you’re going through this season too, will you please share it with me?  And as I pray for you, will you please pray for me?  Thanks so much, my fellow teachers.  You. Are. Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. I work with the little ones in Kindergarten and this was my first day. I really need prayers how to reach this student. I am a paraprofessional who will spend time between the class room and the Resource Room.


    • Since you have such a willing heart, I believe God will open up opportunities for you. When He does, be ready! I think being sensitive and aware of opportunities is the key. God bless you Tom! Thanks so much for sharing with me and caring for your students. I bet they are precious! 🙂


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