Building Rapport With Our Students

Last week, we talked about how teachers were leaving the profession due, in part, to having difficulties managing student behavior.  Specifically, I addressed That Class That Drives You Up The Wall, as most of us have those from time to time, and there are tried and true remedies to help us all in that situation.
However, I really believe the #1 way to manage classroom behavior is in building a rapport with our students.  When you respect them, they in turn will respect you – and one way you can show them respect is by building a rapport with them.  I cannot overstate the importance of doing this!
Where do we begin?  Well, it begins by how we greet our students when they come to our door each day, day in and day out.  Notice I said to our door, not in our door, as we should always be standing in the hall by our door as they come in every day. (This is my humble opinion, of course.) The tone for everything that follows takes place right there at our door as we greet our students!  Don’t miss this golden opportunity!
Not only do I share with you the importance of greeting your students properly in this vlog, but I also give you several practical examples of how to greet your students, so stay tuned.  Please excuse my corniness at the beginning…I originally posted this in October, and I demonstrated greeting my students with a couple of pumpkins in my class.  Lord, help me! 😉
God bless you, teachers, as you bless your students.  Have a wonderful week!

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