So You Didn’t Win Teacher of the Year?… Pt. 3 Is it Worth It?

Hello to all my fellow teachers out there in blog-land! 🙂

Today, we are finishing up our little mini-series on those of us who didn’t win, or haven’t won, #TOTY.  If you have kept up with the posts so far, you’ve learned the following:

  • Our confidence, credibility, & influence comes from God and our students!
  • If we don’t receive any rewards here, the ones that really matter will be awaiting us in heaven!
  • The 12 disciples were ordinary people, just like you and just like me, who weren’t rewarded with any earthly awards or titles, and yet turned this world upside down for Jesus!  What they did receive was a lot of suffering. 

As we close out this series, we turn our focus to David, Mary, Joseph, and a few of the martyrs mentioned in the Faith Hall of Fame chapter in the Bible – Hebrews 11. If you ever need a good dose of inspiration, read this chapter!

Finally, at nearly 20 minutes, this is the longest video blog I’ve ever posted!  If you don’t have the time to watch in one sitting, please split it up.  I really think it will be worth it (pun intended), and will encourage you to be the best teacher for God you can possibly be.  I would love to read your feedback if you have the time as well.

Don’t forget about our boycott of Wal-mart for its anti-Christian discrimination policy.  Click here to read the post about it.  Stay devoted, my fellow teachers, and God bless you!

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