A Call For Christian Teachers to Boycott Wal-mart

I love Wal-mart.  Correction, I loved Wal-mart.  Over the years, I think I have single-handedly kept them in business being a wife and mother of four, not to mention all the school supplies I’ve purchased over the years for my classroom. But. No. More! Why you may ask?  The discrimination policy they have now issued against their Christian workers and Christians in general.

In pushing against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (#RFRA) in Arkansas, they have thrown Christians under the bus.  Now, if two homosexuals ask a Wal-mart baker to write on a cake for them something pertaining to their marriage, then the Christian baker, according to Walmart’s recent stand, would have to do it or face the consequences of losing their job.  It’s a sad time in our country for Christians, isn’t it?  The first amendment rights of the Christian baker are out the window, and, I might add, Wal-mart could care less about the small business owners that really are affected by this.  (Sounds a lot like a predator going in for the kill, doesn’t it?)

So, it’s time to take a stand, my fellow Christian teachers!  We have the power to make a dent in their bottom line.  I’m asking you to join me in boycotting Wal-mart. These days we have many more places to shop in small town America, (big cities too!)  than we used to, and it’s in small town America where Wal-mart makes a killing.  Now is the time to take our business elsewhere.

A couple of really good arguments have come across my news feed in the past few days regarding this issue.  The first one, from best selling author Dinesh D’Souza, would solve the problem, that is, if common sense were the order of the day:  A Christian forced to compromise his religious beliefs has no choice in the matter but a gay couple looking for a service can go elsewhere (or in the case of big companies like Wal-mart, another worker who had no religious belief on the matter could do it instead.) The other one is from Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas:  Should a Muslim who owned a t-shirt business be forced to print t-shirts stating that Mohammad was a false prophet?  

Since Wal-mart is strong arming our rights to religious freedom, we, in turn, must strong arm Wal-mart by taking our business elsewhere!  Let’s do this together, my fellow teachers!  We have the right to love Jesus just as others have the right to love whomever they want.

Please spread the word and let the boycott begin…

9 thoughts on “A Call For Christian Teachers to Boycott Wal-mart

  1. If I am taking money for a service then the customer is right. If I am doing something for free then I can exercise my freedom or speech, religion or whatever. Just saying.


  2. I’m not a teacher, but I am boycotting Walmart for exactly the same reason. To June: the issue is freedom. Do you want to live in a culture where you can be forced to do something which violates the basic tenant of your faith?

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