Question: What Time Is It?!

Answer:  It’s SPRING BREAK time! :)  My students and I have a pretty bad, better yet, good, case of spring fever!  Could it be partially due to the fact that I’ve been counting the days down with my students for the past 3 weeks?!

Enjoy yourselves, my fellow teachers!  You deserve it!  I also want to wish you a Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!  Devotions for Teachers will return week after next.

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So You Didn’t Win Teacher of the Year? Part 1 (Cont.) & Part 2

Today we continue our Teacher of the Year series, specifically, NOT winning TOTY! There are two main points you take away from today’s teaching that will encourage you.  You will have to tune in to see exactly what those are!  🙂

Also, we take a look at the 12 disciples  – ordinary men who turned this world upside down for Jesus…and what was their reward?  They SUFFERED!  I can assure you though, they are enjoying their rewards in heaven right now as I’m writing this post. Praise God!

Since next week is spring break, I will post part 3 of this series the week after Easter Sunday. Until then, you are awesome, dear Christian teacher!  Stay devoted and God bless you in your classroom.

So You Didn’t Win Teacher of the Year?

Well, I have a confession to make… I didn’t either, and I never have! I have to admit, I would love to win Teacher of the Year, and I’m thinking if you did some polling, most teachers would say the same thing!  I’m also thinking in that same poll, you would find a lot of disappointed teachers who wanted to be Teacher of the Year, but never won the coveted title.

Listen!  If you think you need to win Teacher of the Year to have credibility with your peers and administration, to some degree you could be correct. But if you’re a Christian teacher in the classroom fulfilling the call of God on your life by ministering to and serving students, then your credibility comes from none other than God Himself (and more than likely from your students, because they are going to see Jesus in you, the Hope of Glory, and are going to love you and love your class!).

I’ll even take that one step further – forget just being credible – God will take a work done for Him from just being credible and, instead, make it incredible!  God’s word proves this over, and over, and over again!  In the next few days on the video portion of the blog, we are going to take a look at some good ole’ ordinary folks whom God called to do a work for Him…folks about whom the world would say had absolutely no credibility –  ordinary people, just like you and just like me.

I love it!  God is so good!  You don’t have to win awards to do mighty things for Him! With God, ordinary becomes extraordinary, and credible becomes incredible. That’s the God we serve. Serving Him in the classroom is an honor in and of itself, my fellow teachers – no other awards needed!

We will begin with the 12 disciples and take it from there on this subject matter next time on the video portion of the blog.  You are invited to come back soon for another visit to Until then, God bless you in your classroom and stay devoted to Him!

Apathy Arrested

As teachers, especially those of us who are Christians, we want to encourage and serve our students…that is, until apathy sets in.  Can I get an amen?!  Apathy is poison in our classrooms, whether it’s seeping out of teachers or students.

Since this is the last week I’ll see this group of 8th graders (my students change classes at the end of each quarter), I always try to squeeze in one inspirational movie that will help them to see the big picture of what life is really all about. So, we are watching To Save A Life, a movie about a teenager who commits suicide in front of his peers at school.  Sounds depressing, but my kids love this movie!!!  The kids in the movie, and my students, totally look at life differently after seeing what apathy can lead to.

My prayer for you is that if you are experiencing apathy, the video blog will encourage you to turn it around and experience the joy and passion you need to fulfill God’s mission for you in your classroom!

Never forget – what you do in your classroom impacts lives both now and eternally! God bless you, teachers!