A Basket, A Ball, and A Bummed Believer

How could a high school basketball game lead to a crisis in my faith?!  I mean really, in the big scheme of life what does it matter? After all, I have other way more important battles to fight in life right now.

But, then, those questions (have you ever had them?) came hurdling at me like a bowling ball 100 mph wiping out the pins in its path – where is the favor of God, the hand of God, and the grace of God when you need it?…  when you’ve asked for it?… when you’ve prayed fervently for it?…  These are BIG questions, meaningful questions, for this here believer.

Well, that’s what I had to ask myself this weekend after my daughter’s team lost a big game Friday night due to horrible, and I mean horrible, refereeing.  By. 1. Point!  I might add that we actually beat that team by 10 to 15 points at least, but officially lost 41-40 according to the final score on the scoreboard.  We beat the team, but not the refs.

Life’s just not fair sometimes, but we can’t let it beat us down.  Thankfully, the Lord has brought me back to my senses.  I’m gonna finish this story and my experience with you on the video portion of this blog on Thursday, Lord willing, before the next game on Friday. Yikes!  And yes, I believe it will help you in your classroom! 🙂

Until then, God bless you!

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