Thou Shalt Not Complain! Philippians 2:14-16

Tall order isn’t it?! In reality, it seems as if teachers do have the most reasons to complain.  Here’s the short list – a list I know 99% of us can more than likely relate to:

  •  The parent who thinks their kid can do no wrong and is just down right    mean
  •  The student or class that drives you up the wall
  •  An overbearing administrator
  •  A fellow teacher who does you wrong

Notice I said that’s the short list, because there is a much longer list for sure!  The truth is we will always have reasons to complain – good reasons to complain – but the challenge is to rise above all that and not complain.  I have learned over the years whenever I feel like complaining to pray instead.  Praying just changes my attitude and gives me a different perspective.  So replace your complaining with praying.  You’ll be a happier teacher, and happier teachers are better teachers!  #StopComplaining  #StartPraying

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