The Thoughts of Life and the Life of Thoughts 2 Corinthians 10:5

So many thoughts and so much thinking going on in these minds of ours…in the minds of our students.  How do we take control of our thoughts, instead of our thoughts taking control of us? That’s what we are talking about today on the blog.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this subject over the past few days as there have been some tragic events that have taken place in and around our community.  I want my students to be prepared when bad things happen.  I want them to know how to handle the deceptive thoughts that come their way.  We always need to be aware of the demeanor of our students. You never know – in doing so, we might just save a life. There is literally a battle going on in the supernatural realm for their souls.  To think otherwise is to be deceived for sure. 1st Peter 5:8 states, “Be alert and of sober mind your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”  Our classrooms are our mission field, teachers. Never forget that!

Blooper alert!  I get just a little (well, really a lot!) tongue tied with a certain phrase at the end of this blog!  Stay tuned, ’cause it’s just a tad funny!

Thou Shalt Not Complain! Philippians 2:14-16

Tall order isn’t it?! In reality, it seems as if teachers do have the most reasons to complain.  Here’s the short list – a list I know 99% of us can more than likely relate to:

  •  The parent who thinks their kid can do no wrong and is just down right    mean
  •  The student or class that drives you up the wall
  •  An overbearing administrator
  •  A fellow teacher who does you wrong

Notice I said that’s the short list, because there is a much longer list for sure!  The truth is we will always have reasons to complain – good reasons to complain – but the challenge is to rise above all that and not complain.  I have learned over the years whenever I feel like complaining to pray instead.  Praying just changes my attitude and gives me a different perspective.  So replace your complaining with praying.  You’ll be a happier teacher, and happier teachers are better teachers!  #StopComplaining  #StartPraying

How Intimate Is Your Relationship With God? Luke 10:38-42

…it’s a very important question to ask ourselves, isn’t it? In order to fight the good fight of faith, we have to make sure we keep our quiet time, our intimate timewith God priority #1.  Indeed, intimacy with God is the #1 thing that will make 2015 the best it can be.  How do we it?  That’s what we are talking about on the blog today teachers.  God bless you!

Awaken! Arise! Fight the Good Fight of Faith! 1st Timothy 6:11-12

“I want my life to be the song You sing”… is one of my favorite lines from the Casting Crowns song, Until the Whole World Hears. Do you want your life to be the song He sings?  I do!  I try to play this song as often as I can before going to school each day, because it just fires me up! Not. Kidding.  I am ready to do BIG things for God in my classroom and throughout the school day after I hear it. I challenge you to listen to this song every day for a week and see if it lights a fire in you as well. Click on this link,, and it will take you right to it!  Seriously though, teaching is a BIG calling, and the time we have our students is short.  We need to be more urgent, so here are some important questions for you to consider:  Are you awake?!  Have you arisen?!  Are you fighting the good fight of faith?!  I hope your answer to each of those questions is a resounding YES!  If not, it’s time to reexamine our lives and perhaps reorder our priorities as Christian teachers. I hope the blog inspires you today!


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