8/23 to 8/27 In Washington, DC – But a few stats on the blog before going!…

Hello all! I’m headed to DC to move my daughter back to GWU, so I won’t be posting anything until Wednesday, August 28. The Lord has put a working title on my heart for the next blog, and I am looking forward to posting it then. GOD IS SO GOOD! Since the blog began on August 1, it has had 1,251 views! Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, PRAISE THE LORD! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Can you tell?! lol! If you have missed any posts, please take a few minutes, scroll down and take a look at one or two titles that may be applicable to what’s going on with you and how you might be feeling about something in your classroom at this time. I am praying you will be encouraged, motivated, and find it helpful. The Friday blogs seem to get the most views, so you might want to click on August 9 and August 16. “Let’s go to church” was popular, too. It was done on location, so maybe that was the difference! My prayer is that God is using you mightily for His kingdom for such a time as this. Shine bright in the darkness, guys and gals. It’s all about Him and for Him, isn’t it?! You bet it is!
God bless,
Donna McBrayer

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