The Take On is More Important than the Take Off!

Summer break is nearly over.  I can’t believe it, can you?  In a couple of days, the kiddos will be returning, another school year will be taking off, and we will be taking on the high calling of teaching yet again. As much as I enjoy summer break, teaching gives me purpose, and a life without purpose is no life at all. Amen?!
Teachers, the take on is extremely important!  Therefore, before the take off, I’m reposting Awaken! Arise! Fight the Good Fight of Faith!  Are you awake?  Have you arisen? Are you fighting the good fight of faith?  If not, or if you need a reminder of what it’s all about, then this video blog will give you the swift kick in the rump you’ll need to take off for sure! :)
One more item of business before the school year takes off is to remember the boycott of Wal-mart. Please participate and pass the word on to your fellow teachers.  Click Christian Teachers Boycott Wal-mart to learn all about it if you haven’t heard already.
My challenge for you this school year is to Awaken! Arise! & Fight the Good Fight of Faith.  This month, not only will we take off on another adventurous school year, but Devotions for Teachers takes off on its 3rd year of encouraging teachers in the classroom.  I can’t wait!!

The End of the Year Rut

Yep, I’m officially in it.  Are you?  Matter of fact, it’s so bad, the first thing I did this morning when I entered my classroom was recite, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  I confess, I was a little overwhelmed thinking about getting through the day when I walked in. (I know there are just a few of you out there who understand what I’m talking about, right?!)
The countdown  is on!

The countdown is on!

So let me shout it – I HATE RUTS – and I know you do too!  So how do we get through them?  One way is to keep Isaiah 40:31 a breath away:  Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.
And the other ways?…. That’s what the video blog is about today.  Stay tuned, and maybe, just maybe, we can all get through this together!
One last note – this will be the last video blog of this school year.  As far as I know now, Devotions for Teachers will continue next year and will as long as the Lord bestows upon me the passion to produce it!  I do have a working title for the first blog of next year, Jesus, the Model Teacher.  I guess we’ll see. :)
Many blessings to you.  Stay devoted to God teachers, and have a wonderful summer break!

Building Rapport With Our Students

Last week, we talked about how teachers were leaving the profession due, in part, to having difficulties managing student behavior.  Specifically, I addressed That Class That Drives You Up The Wall, as most of us have those from time to time, and there are tried and true remedies to help us all in that situation.
However, I really believe the #1 way to manage classroom behavior is in building a rapport with our students.  When you respect them, they in turn will respect you – and one way you can show them respect is by building a rapport with them.  I cannot overstate the importance of doing this!
Where do we begin?  Well, it begins by how we greet our students when they come to our door each day, day in and day out.  Notice I said to our door, not in our door, as we should always be standing in the hall by our door as they come in every day. (This is my humble opinion, of course.) The tone for everything that follows takes place right there at our door as we greet our students!  Don’t miss this golden opportunity!
Not only do I share with you the importance of greeting your students properly in this vlog, but I also give you several practical examples of how to greet your students, so stay tuned.  Please excuse my corniness at the beginning…I originally posted this in October, and I demonstrated greeting my students with a couple of pumpkins in my class.  Lord, help me! ;)
God bless you, teachers, as you bless your students.  Have a wonderful week!

That Class That Drives You Up The Wall!

Hello fellow teachers!
Maybe it’s just that time of year, but I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot of posting in the educational blogging sphere about teachers giving up due, in part, to difficulties with classroom management.  I find that very discouraging, so what I thought I would do is share a post with you entitled That Class That Drives You Up The Wall!
What do we do when we encounter that class? One thing that can help is learning to train ourselves and our students to do certain things in certain situations. There’s not just one pat answer, but hopefully the acronym t r a i n in today’s vlog will produce some much needed results as far as improving your students’ behavior.  In the next couple of weeks, I’m also going to share some other ideas with you that might help you even more.  I certainly hope so anyway!
Be encouraged teachers, and hangeth thou in there!  Your work for the Lord is not in vain.  God bless you!

The Joyful Teacher!

Joy is contagious!  But you know what else is contagious?… sadness, sorrow, depression, and unhappiness.  So what do you do about it whenever you aren’t feeling particularly joyful, possibly even sad or upset, as you walk into your classroom on any given day?  Well, stay tuned and find out, my fellow teachers.
Also, today on the video blog, I discuss the 6 wonderful ways being filled with joy can help us.  To give you a sneak preview, here are the first 2:
  • Joy helps you to fight your fear.
  • Joy helps you destroy discouragement.
Please join me now on the vlog, and let’s encourage each other to be joyful in our classrooms.  Our students will be the biggest benefactors, and that’s what matters most! God bless you, and have a wonderful week in the classroom, teachers.  Stay devoted, and don’t forget about our boycott of Wal-mart! 

So You Didn’t Win Teacher of the Year?… Pt. 3 Is it Worth It?

Hello to all my fellow teachers out there in blog-land! :)

Today, we are finishing up our little mini-series on those of us who didn’t win, or haven’t won, #TOTY.  If you have kept up with the posts so far, you’ve learned the following:

  • Our confidence, credibility, & influence comes from God and our students!
  • If we don’t receive any rewards here, the ones that really matter will be awaiting us in heaven!
  • The 12 disciples were ordinary people, just like you and just like me, who weren’t rewarded with any earthly awards or titles, and yet turned this world upside down for Jesus!  What they did receive was a lot of suffering. 

As we close out this series, we turn our focus to David, Mary, Joseph, and a few of the martyrs mentioned in the Faith Hall of Fame chapter in the Bible – Hebrews 11. If you ever need a good dose of inspiration, read this chapter!

Finally, at nearly 20 minutes, this is the longest video blog I’ve ever posted!  If you don’t have the time to watch in one sitting, please split it up.  I really think it will be worth it (pun intended), and will encourage you to be the best teacher for God you can possibly be.  I would love to read your feedback if you have the time as well.

Don’t forget about our boycott of Wal-mart for its anti-Christian discrimination policy.  Click here to read the post about it.  Stay devoted, my fellow teachers, and God bless you!

In Response to the Left’s Intolerance & War on Christianity

Don’t forget to spread the word about our boycott of Wal-mart, my fellow Christian teachers!  (See previous post.)  Keep up the good work!  YOU ARE AWESOME!

God bless you!

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